How to endure Friendships when Fibromyalgia gets in the way

Empirical evidence dominate western cultures. It means that we don’t believe it to be real if we can’t see it, touch it, taste it, hear it or smell it. We have separated the mind from the body both medically and philosophically so distinctly that the concept of dealing with the intangible illnesses (either in a […]

Fibromyalgia mostly imitated by 5 commonly misdiagnosed conditions

Imagine that how hard it is to accept that nothing seems to fix the condition going on in your body regardless of how much time you are spending and how much excessive amounts of money you are spending on doctors, appointments and medication. If you are lucky enough, one day you get the exact diagnosis […]

Do people have to be cautious of GMOs if they have fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia sufferers are sensitive to a lot of things along with pain. Weather, stress, smell, and even the things they eat can affect them. Use of GMOs is the best among the things which can be of concern when you are trying to plan the diet for the best results while having fibromyalgia. The question […]

Do Omega 3 Fatty acids help in dealing with fibromyalgia?

Omega 3s can help in giving benefits to fibromyalgia patients according to a study conducted in 2012. Medical literature has shown again and again about the effectiveness of omega 3s in helping cardiovascular and joint health issues. Therefore, we all should acknowledge this that omega 3s helps the patients in dealing with fibromyalgia pain. Omega […]

AVACEN: The New wonder Treatment for Fibromyalgia

New medicines have been releasing from time to time that does little to deal with the pain and sufferings caused due to fibromyalgia. There is no known cause of fibromyalgia yet, and that is why it is still a mystery to doctors and scientists. The pain is marked by constant aches, unwarranted fatigue, debilitating confusion […]

Endocannabinoid Levels Elevated in Fibromyalgia, but They’re Not Ideal as Biomarkers, Study Finds

Endocannabinoid (EC) levels in the blood are elevated in women with fibromyalgia. However, the findings do not support using these factors as disease biomarkers, researchers said. Their study, “The relationship of endocannabinoidome lipid mediators with pain and psychological stress in women with fibromyalgia – a case control study,” appeared in The Journal of Pain. Researchers currently regard the […]

Can Brain Mapping help in finding the source of Fibromyalgia?

Since fibromyalgia is discovered to be a syndrome, scientists have been trying to find the causes and the problems that can along with fibromyalgia. Numerous tests have been employed on this disorder. Discovering more about this disorder will give us more idea what is going on exactly. In order to find the issues and causes […]

Implanted Occipital Nerve Stimulator Proves Beneficial for Fibromyalgia

Muscle tenderness and stiffness produces a consistent state of pain in fibromyalgia patients. The pain sometimes can be very severe. The people affected with fibromyalgia should look up for the remedy that works best for them. Since the panic condition vary from person to person so the of soothing and relaxing also varies so it is […]

The Sympathetic Nervous System and Fibromyalgia

According to researchers, over-stimulation of the nervous system results in fibromyalgia. It is a typical response of body towards a trauma or accident. Chronic pain and muscle spasms occur due to interference in the flow of neurotransmitters from brain and body caused by fibromyalgia. Since you don’t have normal serotonin levels, so fibromyalgia prevents you […]