4 thoughts on “Myths And Misconceptions Surrounding Fibromyalgia Facts

  1. I have been struggling with fibromyalgia since the 90′ and haven’t found nothing to relieve my pain DR after DR nothing but I’m hanging in there 🤔

    1. Hi, I too have Fibromyalgia and RA. I tried all the drugs that Rheumatologist suggested and they almost killed me. I have been taking an enzyme called Serrapeptase 20mg every morning and Extra strength CBD oil 3 times a day and it is a miracle. it isn’t completely gone but much improved. Hope it works for you. God Bless

  2. I had found an all natural product that has helped me. The product that I found is called Fibro Relief. I noticed a big difference within a few weeks. At this time, I have come off of half the medication that was prescribed by my doctors. I was on Tramodol ER 300mg and now only taken 50mg.. I am even more alert and can get moving before noon.

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