2 thoughts on “Heartbreaking letter from a Bristol woman who suffers from debilitating disease fibromyalgia

  1. Dear sweet Peyton, my heart felt empathy for you. Nothing so cruel. I to suffer from Fibro, that dam life changing disease.I am sorry to have to hear about your life in these means.You are an inspiration to me and Im sure to many others.I wish you the world of best wishes and my thoughts are with you always. Hope you feel betters one day soon. I myself have just started taking CBD oil and am sorry I didnt earlier. I have found that in only two weeks, my pain levels have dropped dramatically.If you havent tried it I highly recommend it.Still have the other symptoms but Im sure you’ll agree less pain is better than nothing. My love

  2. This gave me tears.
    Tears because describing fibromyalgia is a lesson in patient frustration. There’s a loneliness – even amongst other fibro peeps. Partially because I feel guilty that my fibro isn’t as bad as someone else’s (just like neither of my cancers were as awful as others I’ve seen).
    So, thank you for the description of our pain and loss of self. It’s perfect.

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