1 thought on “Endocannabinoid Levels Elevated in Fibromyalgia, but They’re Not Ideal as Biomarkers, Study Finds

  1. Very interesting read–I was diagnosed with hypoparathyroidism, about 10 years ago, and had 3 -f 4 glands removed. I must never miss taking calcium supplements. I was diagnosed with FM in 1991, after having arthritis, neuritis, migraines, charleyhorse legs, and on….but after being given the diagnosis, and hearing that it “wasn’t really a disease” I chose to ignore it. I was a chef. I worked up till 5 years ago, being prescribed all the opiods, then got the MMlicence–and now have a fractured hip. I still refuse to give in to FM. But trust me, it is real. Years of being told A) depression was the cause, B) your lifestyle is killing you C)Get up and get busy–you need exercise–and on and on. I would not stop. I am 76 years old, and when this hip is replaced–I plan on going back to work–as a Nanny.

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