Fibromyalgia: costochondritis

I have been having severe fibromyalgia related chest pains. The way I can tell it is fibromyalgia is that a) they are enduring and b) my sternum is extremely tender to the touch and so it is quite inflamed. I am going to the doctor to discuss it. At the moment using anti-inflammatory creams and… Continue reading Fibromyalgia: costochondritis

Fibromyalgia: Expectations vs reality

Back in the day. Like 20 years back in the day I had some expectations about what fibromyalgia is and then I learned the reality of what fibromyalgia is. We all have expectations of what it will be and mean for our lives in the beginning. Even before we are diagnosed since that can take… Continue reading Fibromyalgia: Expectations vs reality

Fibromyalgia and brain inflammation

Okay, fibromyalgia has long been a mystery wrapped in an enigma. To the point not too long ago a lot of doctors didn’t believe it existed. While others thought it was a garbage diagnosis… when you couldn’t figure out anything else, BAM, fibro. But since then there has been a lot of research that has… Continue reading Fibromyalgia and brain inflammation

The ‘what the what’ fibromyalgia Flare

I am fibro flaring bad. I have severe allodynia pain on my back right now. I have a wicked migraine. And my fibromyalgia decided to join in with a massive Flare up. No reason at all for it, just a pain on pain flare.  What are the types of Flares we have? I will tell… Continue reading The ‘what the what’ fibromyalgia Flare

When you are ready for spring (because you loathe winter)

It is March. It is spring, isn’t it? Not in Canada, it isn’t. No, we just had a blizzard. But it is warm winter, not freezing winter. It is Almost Spring and that makes me happy. Winter is not a fun time for me. So I am glad it is on its way out. Why… Continue reading When you are ready for spring (because you loathe winter)

What did you feel diagnosed with fibromyalgia?

I can tell you for me it was a relief. I had symptoms for years but being undiagnosed is difficult. You have to deal with it all but have no treatment, no label, and no real understanding of what you should do. I was coping well at the time after having gone through a few… Continue reading What did you feel diagnosed with fibromyalgia?

When you have fibromyalgia

It is fibromyalgia awareness month once again. Remember fibromyalgia awareness day fall on May 12th. I’d like to start the month with a little fibromyalgia humor. Sadly, it is also all true. When you have fibromyalgia Sleep is a delicious nectar of the gods that is denied you Too much sleep? That’s a flare The last time… Continue reading When you have fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is more than pain

Time for another post about Fibromaygia for Awareness month. Fibromyalgia is more than widespread pain Primary symptoms Primary symptoms are the areas used to diagnose someone with Fibromyalgia because they happen to a degree in all of us. Chronic widespread pain Yes, there is chronic widespread pain. It is often the symptom people think of. Yes,… Continue reading Fibromyalgia is more than pain

Challenges of Fibromyalgia

It is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day today Today’s topic for fibromyalgia is Challenges We face many challenges with fibromyalgia. Here are some that I have experience with. Work challenges I found out when I was younger via every summer job I worked that there are certain jobs I cannot do with fibromaylgia. I can’t do a customer… Continue reading Challenges of Fibromyalgia