Treatment For Fibromyalgia

Treatment For Fibromyalgia much like treatments for any and all disease., often starts with the management of symptoms. With this disorder, the symptoms create a string of tender points along the body. Coupling this with extreme fatigue and an inability to sleep and you have a concoction for a drastically poor quality of life riddled with pain and discomfort.

Medical Cannabis Treatment for Fibromyalgia

The prevalence of Treatment For Fibromyalgia goes up as a person ages, yet 80-90% of all cases are women. The symptoms are known to worsen with persistence as it progresses and it is worsened by the weather, illness and stress. One cannabinoid profile that is well suited for this disorder patients has been identified as CBD. It is suggested patients obtain CBD rich medicine.  Synergistically coupling a cbd rich oil with one that contains Low THC, there is additional relief provided to patients.

According to a report conducted by the National Pain Foundation and National Pain Report, medical cannabis has been rated as one of the most effective treatment in reducing pain from Fibromyalgia.Many of the 1,300 fibromyalgia patients who responded to the survey said they had tried all 3 of the FDA approved drugs. One patient explained there were far more negative side effects to the FDA approved drugs than there were positive attributes.

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When asked about the effectiveness of  Cymbalta (Duloxetine), 60% of those who tried the medication stated that it did not work for them, whilst 8% reported it to be very effective. 32% reported Cymbalta helped slightly.Of those in the study who tried Pfizer’s Lyrica (Pregabalin) a whopping 61% reported that there was no relief. 10% reported Lyrica to be very effective whilst 29% said it helped slightly.

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Rating Forest Laboratories’ Savella (Milnacipran), 68% of those trailing the drug stated that it didn’t work. 10% reported that it was very effective and 22% reported slight relief.

Comparing the study findings against those who had tried medical cannabis for their this disorder symptoms 62% said it was very effective. Another 33% said it helped slightly whilst only 5% reported no relief.

When asked about the effectiveness of  Cymbalta (Duloxetine), 60% of those who tried the medication stated that it did not work for them, whilst 8% reported it to be very effective. 32% reported Cymbalta helped slightly.Of those in the study who tried Pfizer’s Lyrica (Pregabalin) a whopping 61% reported that there was no relief. 10% reported Lyrica to be very effective whilst 29% said it helped slightly.

Rating Forest Laboratories’ Savella (Milnacipran), 68% of those trailing the drug stated that it didn’t work. 10% reported that it was very effective and 22% reported slight relief.

Comparing the study findings against those who had tried medical cannabis for their this disorder symptoms 62% said it was very effective. Another 33% said it helped slightly whilst only 5% reported no relief.

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141 Responses

  1. Thanks for this information, I really appreciate it when people genuinely try to help us with our pain and other symptoms. I use CBD Oil, it helps me with Insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. It doesn’t do much for pain, but I am hoping if I can one day try it with a very low dose of THC , that it might help with pain and energy – those are really the two life-destroyers for me.
    I think it is interesting (and sad) that in those studies the question was not asked about the severity of side-effects and absolutely horrible and scary withdrawal. I had these with both Lyrica and Cymbalta. There absolutely were withdrawal symptoms.

        1. Hi Teresa, I used to buy my CBD oil for Holland & Barrett, but it;s only 75%. I would like to know what the other 25% is. I think it could be steroids. As in the time I would using it, I just ballooned. I was a 12/14 now I’m 18/20. I would try 100% CBD if I could afford it.

      1. Hi my name Kathy, could you PLEASE send me the information also!! Thank you so much. I have also been on Lyrica and Cymbalta. I can take eather of these Med. Thank you

        1. Just a heads up. Weaning off Cymbalta will take much longer than they tell you. Reduce VERY slowly to avoid feeling terrible. I actually took out one extra granule a day from the capsule. Good luck!

      2. Mitch do you know if it interferes with the blood thinner Coumadin? That’s my question. Would the kind with THC be better? I have joint problems and fibromyalgia,can’t sleep either so I really need something for multiple problems.

      3. Hi there. I have fibromyalgia I have had this complaint for 7 years. I’m tried of it controlling my life.
        I have women friends that also have it.
        I would like to know where to purchase. I live in Queensland Australia

        1. Hi Dawn. I’m in Qld also. Fibromyalgia is hereditary in my family. My g/mother, father, me , daughter all have/had. I have lupus, various forms of arthritis, polymyalgia, giant urticaria, sleep problems & many other symptoms. 69 yrs of age. I treat with various meds.

          1. Shelley, I also suffer from fibro. I am interested in CBD oil. I will email you. Thank you.

          2. hi I am sending you a email hope you don’t mind for information on CBD oil
            thanks in advance caroline

      1. Shelley, i am also a fibro sufferer and would be interested .. Please could you send me any information on this oil..

      2. I have severe pain. I have rheumatoid arthritis and had back surgery 4 years ago only to make me worse. I take pain pills but no relief my pain Dr wants to put a pain pump in but im not sure yet please send me info please thank You

    1. April Dawn,you are so correct about the withdrawal aspects of trying soo many different medications,going on then going off like a carousel,it is absolutely horrific and so hard on the person withdrawing and their families!

      1. It may help with neuropathy Joe. Check out . There’s a whole section on Nervous System. If you’re looking for a safe, pure, legal source I have a referral. Hope you receive relief!

    2. What are CBD and THC please? I’m in the U.K. and we get very little information about meds to alleviate fibro pain.

    3. I agree. The side effects and withdrawal from Cymbalta are down right scary! The two months I was on it were nuts. I was out of pain for the most part.. awesome, I know… but the side effects were not worth it, then the withdrawal was even worse.

    4. I get just like i have the wicked flu when missing a dose of Lyrica, and on day 4 I can’t stand the fatigue, sweats, diarrhea and heaving. (Like the worst case of the worst flu). I tried but it was hell. I wanted to quit and see if I could handle the fibro pain. Not a chance and then it took me a while to get back on my feet.

    5. Hi April
      Prime My Body he as CBD Oil with little to no THC in it. Send me an email if your interested in learning more about it. I use the oil myself and know it is the best out there.
      Hope to hear from you!

  2. Could really use that…my fibromyalgia is very painful together with my osteoarthritis and stenosis and facet spine disease….I need something like that….I try the candy and it helps way better then any pill the doctors prescribe to you….I quit all their drugs….but this would definitely help….where and how can I get this…

  3. Withdrawing from Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Fibromyalgia can be deadly. I’ve talked to doctors that don’t even know how to detox off these drugs. I’m on a fibromyalgia chat group and they do nothing but help people from these deadly drugs. We need these natural products but I believe the big drug companies will never let it happen.

    1. I stumbled across this article and came off Cymbalta after taking it for two years. You do it slowly, for me it took 3 months and that was in 2013. I stopped taking what I call pharma drugs and embarked on a natural journey, I started growing my own herbs and spices juiced them, have gone onto ingesting Essential oils and have developed and am making 100% natural herb and spice vege caps. I would say I am 95% pain free and do not touch pharma drugs. For us in South Africa there is no free medicine so my costs buying pharma drugs was financially unsustainable long term. I have treated the cause and am not just muting the symptoms. It is a long road it can be done. The more you feed Fibromyalgia man made medicine the worse it gets.

      1. I love hearing stories like yours!! Everything we need is available from Earth’s Pharmacy…. meaning in the plants of our Earth. So glad to hear you are doing so great. I’m a huge advocate of natural means of healing one’s body.

    2. Hi Janice. Was on Cymbalta for aleast 5 years. Stopped it a year ago. Have had neurological problems since. Nerve damage etc. Wish I never heard if that drug.

    3. I’ve been on Cymbalta & Lyrics for several months each. When I quit after NO PAIN relief, I had NO bad side effects.
      Maybe some people will have bad withdrawal effects, but I think Drug Companies want to SCARE you so you don’t stop using their drugs.
      You can always WEEN off the Fibromyalgia drugs that give NO PAIN relief…this should stop bad withdrawal symptoms.
      I’ve also tried 2 different strengths of CBD Oil with low dose of THE with NO relief.
      These CBD Oils came from a State authorized Marijuana Dispensary after I paid a doctor outside of my Medicare & WELLCARE Supplimental insurance to authorize me Medical Marijuana Card.
      I paid this doctor $435 & now have spent $110 on CBD Oil with low dose non detectable THC with NO PAIN relief.
      Even if I find a dose of CBD Oil with THC it would Cost me at least $660 a month…I can NOT afford that.

  4. There are many companies that sell CBD but as with anything else.. Do some research first. So many companies selling it but not many are selling pure and quality product. Read reviews too!!

  5. If you search the web you should be able to find it and find the right dosage. CBD tea also works well but is harder to come by I think. I am fortunate in Canada I guess to be able to either get cannabis products at dispensaries (the ones that haven’t been raided) but also almost everything is available mail order. It is not as cheap as it should be so I shop around. Some pills won’t have as much CBD as claimed so another reason to shop around if possible. Try to always take a teaspoon of coconut oil (the pure stuff) with CBD. It will pretty much double the effect as CBD and THC are both oil soluble .

    1. HI there I have to ask do you know anything about hemp oil? I take that and it helps but the taste is not soothing for me which limits me taking it. is there any way to help that? thank you.

  6. I use CBD oil for Fibromyalgia and it helps a lot. I find it also helps when I’m exhausted in the daytime as it relaxes the muscles and helps brain fogging as. There was a study done at Barcelona university with great results also. It seems it works for a lot of people.

  7. So how can we make our voices heard by our government and the HSE to legalize CBD oil here and to make it available on the medical card? I am in so much pain with fibromyalgia and aII of the painkillers give me nausea diarrhea. I am so desperate for pain reIief.

    1. Does the government ever hear us Maura? That’s the frustrating part. I know for myself I don’t have medical coverage of any kind and I have to rely on paying for whatever holistic treatments I need myself. Sad state of affairs when it comes to our health. Yet the big pharma promotes their drugs like crazy AND health care covers them – because it makes us sicker in the end. I probably shouldn’t talk like that on here, but it’s the truth.

    1. Health Hut carries herein Alabama. Check your health food stores I think they all carry it now. It’s up by the checkout you’ll need to ask them to get it for you. They have several different kind.

  8. I use few CBD products and see many customers with amazing stories on this subject daily! Thank you for sharing
    Iveria Lorenz

  9. I have used CBD and it helps, certain lind are better than others when it comes to sleeping and I wish someonr would trst a lot of different brands to advise us on which one works best! It gets pretty expensive with trial and error. I know when I smoked 9 pound hammer, I felt amazingly better, I omly smoked it at night and I slept wonderfully, but the effects lasted all the next day, very little pain!

  10. I am so happy to see more information coming out about how CBD can help Fibromyalgia and other types of Pain syndromes. As a Massage Therapist I’ve always wanted to be able to do more for my Fibro clients, because sometimes massage doesn’t help! Now, I finally can by sharing the absolute best CBD available.

    I have degenerative discs and 2 disc herniations and CBD has helped me tremendously, I do not have Fibro by I’ve received so many positive stories from my clients, I’m blown away.

    1. Kelly, please give me information. I have been in a quandry wondering which product to purchase.

    2. Shelley I live in the uk. There’s a balm called Fiddlers Elbow Grease which is hemp balm. They do several types – arnica, rose geranium, pet friendly & maybe more!!! I get my cbd from it’s topical app & brilliant for pain.

      1. E Hegan, thanks for the UK I too am in the UK & would love to try this product.

  11. I use hemp cbd oil with no thc and it works topically for my hip pain and inflammation. it is legal and my source can ship it to you. I have ot found anything stronger than she makes. I get the 1500mg tincture. then I add it to creams and oils myself. but she takes it orally. she makes it pure and it is a cottage industry there in Colorado. where 90% of all hemp cbd oil comes from. Unfortunately the MD legislators did not license edibles here. I really miss the freedom of Colorado. You may have to move to a state like CO where the industry is very sophisticated to get good medicinal cannabis.

    1. Carla, I would love info on your source. I have found people who make tinctures seem to have better quality items that actually work. Thanks!

  12. It sounds so difficult for many people to get CBD, it is absolutely the best pain relief I have had. I live in
    Canada though, so it is available everywhere and we can purchase it freely. I have a marijuana license,
    but it won’t be necessary after July when it is legalized in this country.

  13. Is there a very good CBD oil that doesn’t cost the earth. In UK we can but cbd+ oil at Holland & Barrett – not sure about all the sites on line as don’t know them or how good their product actually is, or even if they are genuine. I’ve had chronic pain for some 40+ears following accident & full length spinal surgery & fibro kicked in very aggressively around 10 yrs ago having been occasional flares now struggling – none of the drugs have helped except to weight on me – looking for some help everything hurts 24/7

  14. Ann do you have face book? If so please send me a message and I can tell you where to go in Canada for CBD products. I think you can just use my name in the search bar. I live in Grande Prairie Alberta. My name is Lynne Dudley.

    thank you my fibro friends :

  15. Does this show up in blood tests? And does it affect the liver at all as I have fatty liver disease and high cholesterol too. Thanks

  16. I am also interested. So tried of trying different things. Will never go back to Cymbalta or Lyrica.

  17. whoah this blog іs wonderful і really like studying your articles.
    Stay սp tһe gоod work! You know, lots of individuals аrе lօoking around for tһis info, you can help them greɑtly.

  18. Is there anywhere I can find a suggested dosage? I would really like to try this especially as its now okay to have it in the UK. Some of the available brands here have THC and I’m not interested in using that. I am very interested in the capsules but just have no idea how much might be recommended. I accept that any advice on that is not medical advice but would love some feedback on that. The other thing is that MCT gives me headaches so is it available in any other oil? Any advice gratefully received.

  19. Make sure you get independent lab testing results for whatever CBD oil your purchase. There are some out there that are pure crap, most are just marketing gimmicks. Look for highly recommended brands and everyone responds differently to a brand so you may need to try several before you find one that works for you. Look at Charlottes Web, Lazarus, Bluebird Botanical, Koi, and I can’t remember other at the moment. There are a lot of FB groups focused on CBD oil so join and learn about the different strains and what they are used for. Don’t ever get the “free samples” as they will charge your credit card for months and the stuff is junk. Many have a veteran, low income and disabled discount as well.

  20. hi, am very interested in the capsules you are advertising. i live in east london, south africa.
    is it available in south africa, and who would be the nearest supplier to me in east london.

  21. Hi everyone, I am really interested in this treatment for pain. I Fibro and RSD Reflex Sympathetic Destrophy . I so tired of all the meds I take along with the pain pills. I live in Seattle any suggestions.

  22. the cost is so much for CBD oils. Way to high for people like me on a fixed income. So we just do without until u can grow your own plants and harvest the oil.

  23. sent an urgent enquiry last night re the product being available in south africa. i live in east london in south africa, can you please advise who the local stockist, distributor is .
    many thanks , ryall hochfelden

  24. CBD is definitely worth the try. I get it with a money back guarantee as well so really was no risk. Didn’t need my money back

  25. I am in so many meds that my head spins however when I am without them…especially Lyrica my body shuts down. It’s horrible feeling. I want other options. I already go for weekly nerve blocks…18 needles a week plus all my meds.
    Any advice would help. Kelly and Shelley may I contact you via email?

  26. I have suffered with this awful condition over 30 yrs. Finally have found my answer with high quality CBD oil. I have known about CBd oil’s success with this condition for some time but could never afford the outrageous prices. I now have an affordable supply & my results are great.

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  28. You really make it seem so easy with yoᥙr presentation Ƅut Ӏ find thіs topic tߋ Ьe actualⅼy something that I think I woᥙld neѵer understand.
    It sеems too complex ɑnd very broad for me. Ӏ’m lօoking forward f᧐r уour
    next post, Ӏ wiⅼl try to ցet the hang of it!

  29. Email me for information about Copaiba, a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oil that will be available in the U.K. in May. It contains the cannabinoid BCP and doesn’t interact with CB1 receptors and contains no THC.
    It is completely legal, contains approx 50% BCP, making it very potent, and DIRECTLY interacts with CB2 receptors.

  30. I make REAL THC/CBD oil infused from high grade cannabis. Every batch is tested to verify potency. It is used topically or orally to combat pain, fight depression, remove skin blemishes, etc. My oil is 15x stronger than any product that I have seen in stores–most products contain so little CBD that it’s criminal. My last batch tested @ 22% THC and 1.5% CBD–never take pills again!

  31. I take 4 norco #10 a day plus 3 other medication for pain,I have nerve pain down my legs into my feet .I have no energy from taking all the medications,I need a nap every day.I also have issues with my neck.some days I wake up sick like I can throw up which I’m sure is cause from all the pain medication.not sure if CBD can help me

  32. I have fibromyalgia along with Lupus and ma currently taking Lyrica along with two other medication to help with the Lupus pain and at my last doctor visit my doctor prescribed Cymbalta. I haven’t started taking it yet as I really don’t want to have to take another pill. I have been very curious about CBD oil and have read many articles about it and the success people have had using it for pain relief. I would like to try CBD oil but thought it could only be be obtained legally through a doctor in my state of PA. I am a very skeptical person and if I am purchasing CBD oil I want to make sure that’s what I’m getting. I see several other posts on this thread where people are offering to give other people the information on where they get their CBD oil from but you have to email them. I guess I don’t understand why if they are willing to share the info or link why they don’t just include it in their post instead of having everyone email them. Any insight on this would be helpful.

    1. Hi Yolanda, many times the moderaters of these groups won’t let us share links. I tried to contact someone here I share a link, it is still waiting approval after a week so I’m not even sure you will get to see this. I have had excellent results with CBD & I have an excellent source with 60 day guarantee. You can find me on FB too if you have questions-

      1. Allie, that makes sense, thank you for clarifying. Is the CBD that you use pure CBD? I just want to make sure I am getting the real product and not a bunch of stuff mixed together that someone is claiming to be CBD. Thank you again.

  33. I recommend American Shaman’s water soluble CBD product, which is available for purchase online. It has reduced my pain dramatically. I tried a different oil for a few weeks and finally had to go buy some more of the American Shaman product because the pain had come back full force.

  34. Hello, I’m one of the few men with Fybromialgia and my wife has this and other condition for many years. Would like more information.

  35. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I went BodyStream in Peterborough. They put me through Cann Trust in Vaughn On. I’m on CBD oil drops under my tongue twice a day. It repair the bad joints but it help relieve some of the discomfort.

  36. I have been on cannabis oils for over a year now and it has been a life saver for me. I take 2 different strains. I take high CBD oil during the day and high THC for at night to be able to sleep. Lyrica, cymbalta did absolutely nothing for me except give me brain fog and many other side effects. Thank God it is legal in Canada. I can live a normal life like most people because of it.

  37. am interested in CBD gel capsules. any info would be appreciated. Have fibro, cfs, ebv ,parvo and other viruses. Thanks!

  38. I think I’ve had fibromyalgia for many years but was diagnosed approximately 5 years ago. I was working at Walmart and was just exhausted. Not the tiredness that sleep helps. I mean totally exhausted, with muscle pain. My primary doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia. He  prescribed Cymbalta around 4 years ago. Cymbalta was approved for Fibromyalgia treatment. Although it did relieve some of the pain, I still suffered from fatigue. November 2017  my doctor started me on Natural Herbal Gardens fibromyalgia Herbal mixture,With the help of Natural Herbal Garden natural herbs I have been able to reverse my symptoms using diet, herbs, which i feel has made the most difference. The Fibromyalgia natural formula immensely helped my condition, it reversed my Fibromyalgia. my muscle pain. And then the joint stiffness, and fatigue. gradually disappeared. Visit NATURAL HERBAL GARDENS via their official web-site

    1. I think so as well. i am now using hemp oil and it has no thc in it but it’s helping me.

  39. I never knew cannabis oil was indeed wonderful and very effective in the treatment of cancer “if not by the government and there so called rules to regulate cannabis my dad would still have been alive. Thanks to the new policy of legalizing cannabis in my state and have even lost my son kidney, and it was really shocked and surprised when I see a lot of documentary on how the cannabis oil had helped many people to whom His family thought they never could do next undergoing several “Chemo” from the department of my heart, and I have to say a word of appreciation to Mr Rick Simpson for timely intervention in the lives of my son suffering from kidney cancer. As I write this testimony in this blog my son is so strong and healthy even though he have not completed the total dosage “for cannabis and medical consultation opportunity and get in touch with him if you are a cancer patient through their email: ( so you can get more details.

    Treatment Reginae:
    I have a pretty big tolerance for marijuana, so my son started off with a full grain of rice sized amount of oil instead of a half grain. I gradually increased the dosage every night until he reached a full gram each night. The standard protocol for Mr Rick Simpson Oil is ingesting a total of 60 grams over the course of 2-3 months, but I had 70 grams in total for safe measure. I used the excess as a topical skin care treatment, attacking the visible brown spots on his face and neck.

    3 months later, my son cancer was in full remission. Within 4 months, my son was free from cancer- and officially received a clean bill of health from our doctors. What they don’t know is that the majority of my treatment was using by Mr Rick Simpson Oil. I did use some of the medication they prescribed, but it was in combination with the oil.

    I am elated I want to continue sharing with people who are experiencing what my son went through that there is absolutely hope and a cure out there. They just need to be proactive and aggressive with treatment, don,t wait until it is too late. Get your medication via Email: (

    In addition to being an effective cancer fighter, there are some nice side effects that come from using the mr Rick Simpson oil, for instance, I no longer need to take any pain killers. Just one or two drops of the oil will ease the pain and help you sleep like a baby. Best of all, its natural . . . Thanks to all the staff at mr Rick Garden who guided me throughout this journey. You guys are awesome!

    My Best Regards to Rick Simpson.

  40. Greetіngs! Very useful advice іn this particulɑr post! It iis the
    little changes that wilⅼ make thе most important chɑnges.

    Manny tһanks for sharing!

  41. I am just finding this information. I have anxiety issues and also suffer with relentless pain in my hands and other joints. I would love to know of a reliable source of cannabis oil. Thank you!

  42. It’s great to read so many success stories….cbd improves fibromyalgia indeed! I am sure cbd oil is able to treat a variety of problems, like MS, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, and many more!
    Supposedly a big challenge for those affected is finding high-quality CBD, so important!

  43. What is CBD oil?
    I have IBS-D, degenerative Disk Disease, many food sensitivities, arthritis in my neck, and many terrible symptoms. I could use some help from a natural source. I am so discouraged withy health.

  44. I also have fybromyalgie for many years. I’m living in Belgium. Do you know where I can order the save oil (and working) here or i Australie orUsa or elswhere?

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