11 thoughts on “Abuse on the rise of prescription drug gabapentin, known as ‘Johnnys’

  1. The headline isn’t even a picture of “gabapentin ” good job news casters, trying to spread hysteria is hard when you can’t even get a picture right

    1. Evidently you don’t that bad. My face, tongue, shoulder, arm and back jump and twitch. The shocking pain is horrible and I can not eat or drink because of the spasms. Believe me the drug does not make you high when taken as prescribed. It this uneducated fear mongering articles that don’t have all the information that are the problem. I can function almost normally except for the pain is still there it never goes away, but Ican work and live a productive life with this drug. Without it it would be too hard to exercise and my body would soon become frozen and I would become wheelchair bound, with a feeding tube and a breathing tube. The affect of cancer treatment has damaged my body. so, I am not picking slow painful death over tasking a drug as prescribed. Uneducated people cause people with disability’s sufferenbpg and pain by making it to hard to get the medication they need. They need to crack down on law inforcement not new laws on prescribed drugs.

      1. I too am on Gabapentin after nerve damage from cancer treatment. It helps stops the twitches and some of the pain. As with any drug, some people will abuse it ( I know prisons are a hotspot for this) but I need this drug to help function.

  2. As with Any drug Gabapentin can be misused. If you take it as prescribed it helps with pain & spasms from nerve damage.
    This is why Marijuana needs to be Legal in All 50 states.

  3. I have been using gabapentin for fibromyalgia and neuropathy fo the past 6 years. It is the only way I can function day to day and have a, mostly and what I consider to be, normal life. Before using gabapentin, other treatment or medications made me so sick that I couldn’t walk very far or stand for long periods of time without complete and total exhaustion. I was having to use a cane and wheelchair, at times, just to do simple everyday things. That was 10 years ago. Now, I am 43 years old and work successfully as a special education teacher.

    With that said and in all the years of using this medication, never have I experienced a euphoria and that’s with taking up to 2700 milligrams daily. It used to make me drowsy, but that is a sideffect that has long ago subsided. I would imagine that, until you find the dose that works for you and have stuck with it long enough for the side effects to wear off, you may feel drowsy. Or, depending on how much pain you are in and what your tolerance of pain is, once you find your right dosage, you may experience a type of “euphoria” that comes with pain relief. So, what?!? Wouldn’t that be a great thing?!?

    My idea of why this medication is under attack is that, because it works for soooo many diagnoses and it is actually affordable (in comparison to most other medication), that certain people may feel that they aren’t making as much $$$ as they possibly can off of the sick. And, that is pissing them off.

    All of the crap they say about gabapentin like, it causing “dementia like” symptoms, etc. are probably actually being caused by your diagnosis(es). I don’t have memory or learning issues any more so with taking the medication as I did without taking it and, in addition to fibromyalgia and neuropathy, I also have hypothyroid, diabetes type II. So…people…do your research and be careful who you trust. Big pharma needs their $$ and they don’t care about you.

    I read : Perspective Gabapentin and Pregabalin for Pain — Is Increased Prescribing a Cause for Concern?, under the heading “Perspective” in the New England Journal of Medicine, and it only SUGGESTED that this may be an issue due to doctors over prescribing (prescribing it for things other than what it is approved for), but also states that this is in the protocol for management of pain (first is ibuprofen and acetaminophen, then gabapentin, before prescribing opioids). Gabapentin has NOT been PROVEN an issue with the same concern as opioid. Withdrawal from stopping the medication just means your pain is back.

    Before you get scared, read the journal article for yourself. I have provided the name of the article, since this website failed to cite their sources.

  4. I take it for Fibromyalgia. I’ve never felt high on it; but I don’t abuse it. What bothers me is now insurances will use this as an excuse to not cover it. They already don’t cover the majority of my meds. I don’t take anything else for pain, because nothing is covered, anymore. I suffer with extreme chronic pain. I’m getting tired of not being able to get what I need because of all the drug addicts.
    For those of us who take things as prescribed, there shouldn’t be an issue; but we end up suffering because of the drug affects.

  5. I suffered a major brain injury & I am prescribed 300mg 3x a day and that barely helps with my movements..! So anyone who is prescribed it should not be guilted out of taking it — if you need it for chronic pain then take it!! It’s better than taking opiates!! Especially if it actually helps you function through out your day…!!

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